What About Free Web Site Services

There are plenty of these "free" website services, but once you look under the hood and into the details, they really are not offering a free website. Most will give you a few free webpages that reside on their website. To get those pages on a separate site will cost you an upgrade fee.

They provide you with several templates, that are shared by thousands of others. To get something that is unique to your web site, another upgrade fee!

To have email - another upgrade fee!

To get stats, SEO, etc., etc., - more upgrade fees!

WAIT! It's not over.

To remove their ads promoting their Free Website - that's another fee!

There are lots of low cost hosting companies that will give you all these "upgrades" for $10 to $20 a month, which tends to be a little lower that the free websites charge.

Why is it that these sites are so cheap and others more expensive?

You would hope that the difference is in the Customer Service. Often it is not. That is for you to decide. One of the reasons I don't charge an arm and a leg is because I have a full-time job and do websites on the side, so I can not provide 24/7/365 - 24 Hour Customer Service. There are very few that really provide that anyway; I am just honest about it.

Just email me at don@doncanhelp.com for help.