Web Site Review

CALL TO ACTION - How can your customer reach you? Is it on your web page at least twice per page? Can you see that info clearly?

THREE CLICKS OR LESS - Can your customer find what they want quickly? I believe you should never have to go more than 3 levels into a website to find information. We use the web because we want immediate answers, you can't get that if your website is too complicated.

Have you looked under the hood of your website? Do you know even what to look for? It's really simple.

META TAGS - these are hidden text strings visible to the search engines. TITLE, DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS are the basic META TAGS. It is important that you use them correctly.

TITLE is the Title of the Page; most sites just say "Home" or "Page 3" or something equally as boring. This is a great place to place the name of your business, a little bit about yourself and at least one CALL TO ACTION, such as your phone number or email address. The Title can support up to 160 characters; but 60 to 70 should suffice.
DESCRIPTION is often used by the search engines to describe your site. You have some asdvantages here as you can use complete sentences. How much the search engine actually uses depends on the search engine, so make sure that the first sentence is a good one.

KEYWORDS is a vague area these days as some "specialists" believe that KEYWORDS are essential, while others believe that KEYWORDS are no longer needed. We know one thing, KEYWORDS if over used can hurt. KEYWORDS should match the content of each web page and you should not attempt to KEYWORD STUFF by repeating variations of a KEYWORD.

IMAGES - A picture is worth a thousand words; but unless you name it correctly and provide a TEXT ALTERNATIVE, a picture does nothing for your web site ranking. Your company logo should be named "YourCompanyLogo" instead of "Logo". You should also make use of the "ALT TXT" tags to provide a description of every picture.

Your Content - Your Site - Everything on your website should reside on your website, with very few exceptions, such as YouTube videoes. When the search engines run through your site, you want them to stay there, no go elsewhere, as those sites may get credit for your material.

Just email me at don@doncanhelp.com for help and more information.