SEO Magic

SEO = Search Engine Optimization. At some point in time, you must use a Search Engine to navigate the Internet. You know these Search Engines as Google, Bing, Yahoo and many other services. Making sure you are listed with these search engines is part of the MAGIC in SEO.

Despite what everybody is saying, there is NO guarentees with SEO. If someone claims that can guarentee high placement in the search engines, search them! If "Joe's SEO Strategies" makes the claim that they can improve your search results, take a look to see if their expertise works for them! I'd be amazed if it did.

Getting your website ranked in the search engines is a complex process that is relatively easy to explain; but difficult to execute. First of all, when you register your domain; the search engines are alerted by an automatic process that they have extablished. Hours after your domain is registered, the search engines will begin their examinations of your website. If they find nothing, they will return until they see a website. The search engines regularly check the web for changes, additions and deletions.

Many search engines offer web designers programs and tools to help promote the website with their search engines - these tools are free and very easy to use.

As these search engines search the web, the more often they find your site mentioned, the higher score you MAY recieve. It is important that you list your website with organizations which you belong: clubs, advertisements, posts you make at other websites, etc. BUT, you can be penalized for going overboard. There is such a thing as "Link Spam", where some companies will pay websites to insert your website link into their pages for money. There is a fine line between legitimate placement of website links and "Link Spam" and only the Search Engines know where that line exists.

You can also advertise your website. Many search engines offer "sponsored search" or "featured advertisers" on the search results. This can almost guarentee that your website will be seen; but that comes at a price. If you are not careful, you can spend hundreds of dollars in advertising without any results.

I can discuss with you a strategy to optimize your website and advertising campaign. I've give you an honest answer - it takes time and effort to be #1. Just email me at for help and more information.