Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a service that distributes the files that make up a web page on the Internet. A web page can be one simple file or it can a combination of several files. The basic webpage is simple type-setting text called HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language). More complex pages add Style Sheets, Pictures, Buttons and other many other elements

The Web Host is computer server or cluster of servers that ditribute these files to the Internet. Many Domain Registers offer Web Hosting. I prefer to work a la cart in order to get the best price. Often, a cheap Domain Registration company will charge higher prices for hosting in order to cover their expenses. Web hosting agreements are often for 1 year, to stay in line with your domain agreement. You can get shorter as well as longer web hosting contracts.

I can provide web hosting. One of the websites I operate is GreensboroSports.com. It allows me to add additional websites to that account at reduced fees. I can also make recommendations for you so that you can contract for your own webhosting. It is possible to actually host your own website from your home or office, I can help you do that too!

Just email me at don@doncanhelp.com for help.