Web Design

Web Design is a skill to create the files that make up a web page. There are several tools a person can use. The more complex websites often use expensive design tools to maintain the required relationships/links necessary.

I prefer very simple designs and I hand code most of my web site designs with Notepad++. If your website requires a more complex design, I will happily recommend other companies to meet your needs. There are plenty of web designers out there with a variety of tools.

If you need a simple website with a few pages, I can handle that. You know your business and I know the Internet. If you can write up descriptions and provide the pictures, I can convert those into webpages for you very inexpensively.

If you are unhappy with your current webhost, I can copy your website to move it to my webhosting service. In most cases, I will have to clean up the web design to meet the requirements of my server; but I also clean up the code to remove clutter and junk that may have resulted in poor performance by your website.

When you are thinking about a website, look at your competitors and other websites. Pick out things and designs you like. I can design your pages with these designs in mind.

Just email me at don@doncanhelp.com for help.